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We are a group of 8 clinicians, including 4 Adult Rheumatologists, 2 Combined Adult/Pediatric Rheumatologists and 2 Physician Assistants practicing in Howard County, Maryland.  

As a group, we provide comprehensive evaluation and management of musculoskeletal and systemic inflammatory diseases within the specialty of rheumatology for both adults and children.  We are each board certified in our specialties (see About Our Doctors and PA page).  Also, several of our doctors have been voted as Top Doctors for both Baltimore and Washington service areas by our peers in the medical community.


(As of January 1, 2023)
Through the most difficult time of the COVID19 pandemic, we have been able to maintain essential services to our patients at Arthritis Care Specialists of Maryland including office visits, in-office infusions, joint aspirations and injections and new patient consultations.  Our office staff has been vaccinated but may continue to wear masks for direct patient contact.  As of December 1, 2022, face masks are optional but necessary if you have a viral illness or are aware of a recent exposure to the COVID Virus.
 Telehealth has proven to be extremely helpful for maintaining routine care for our patients, allowing assessment of status, medication refills, dosage adjustments, medication changes if necessary, ordering laboratory monitoring studies and deciding on further testing, if indicated.  Telehealth visits are still available on a case by case basis, but fortunately have been less necessary.  (See below)

If you are currently suffering from an acute respiratory illness with coughing and/or fever, please reschedule your appointment for a time when you are recovered.  Please consider contacting your PCP or going to an urgent care clinic or the emergency room depending on the severity of your acute illness. 
If you are considered to be immune compromised, and you become acutely ill with fever, loss of taste or smell, or respiratory symptoms, particulary cough, please have reliable COVID testing performed.  After testing, you will need to self quarantine until the results of the test are available.  If you feel like you are getting worse, please go to the emergency room.  If your test is positive, you should follow CDC guidelines for COVID infected individuals regarding isolation followed by masking.  You should also contact your rheumatologist about your arthritis medications or the possible need for antiviral treatment.  Do not come to our office as we do not have testing kits or capacity to handle patients with acute respiratory compromise.
If you are unable to be vaccinated, are on medications that interfere with the response to vaccination or are known to have failed to make antibodies to the vaccine, speak to your rheumatologist to see if you are a candidate for the Evusheld immunotherapy shots.
Please know that we are keeping our patient's needs as our priority.  

Information regarding treatment of our patients using telehealth
Given your health or exposure risks, it may still be appropriate for you to stay home and to do our virtual appointment with you via an internet-based telehealth visit. We continue to use a program called  This may be accessed using your computer, smart phone or tablet, provided that it has a built in camera and microphone.  Be sure that you know which email address you want us to use and that you have provided that to us in advance.  We will send the link for the meeting to you via that email.  
A few minutes before your scheduled telehealth appointment, simply click on the link in the email or copy and paste it into your browser.   You will then be asked to type your name followed by a request to enable video and allow use of the device's microphone.  This will open a screen that will automatically run the video launcher program and put you into the waiting room while you wait for your doctor to join you.  
1) works best if your default internet browser is either Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.  You may have trouble if using Microsoft Edge or Internet Exployer.
2)  Be sure that your parental controls or antivirus settings aren't set to block programs from running or accessing audio and video. 
Please call our front desk (410-992-7440) if you have any questions or problems.


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